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Quantitative Engineering of Business Processes with VIP business.

Desel, Jörg; Erwin, Thomas

In: Petri Net Technology for Communication-Based Systems, pages 219-242. Volume 2472 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Hartmut Ehrig, Wolfgang Reisig, Grzegorz Rozenberg and Herbert Weber (Eds.) --- Springer-Verlag, November 2003.

Abstract: The VIP approach aims at modeling and validating process specifications with High-level Petri nets in different application domains. It is based on simulative creation of partially ordered runs and employs advantages of these semantics with respect to efficiency and expressive power compared to sequential simulation. This contribution presents a new component to the VIP architecture, namely VIPbusiness. This component allows to apply the VIP approach and the corresponding VIPtool for the creation, validation and quantitative analysis of business process specifications. The approach aims at supporting early phases of projects where business processes and information systems have to be integrated.

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