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Algorithmic Aspects of Concurrent Automata.

Deussen, Peter

In: 1998: Technical Report I-05. Brandenburg Technical Univ. at Cottbus, August 1998. ISSN 0863-095.

Also in: Burkhard, H.-D.; Czaja, L.; Starke, P.: Informatik-Berichte, No. 110: Workshop Concurrency, Specification and Programming, 28-30 September 1998, pages 39-50. Berlin: Humboldt-Universität, September 1998.

Abstract: Partial order semantics of Petri nets have a long history. In this paper, we describe a formalism which combines partial order semantics with the usual notion of markings of a Petri net. We call this formalism concurrent automata. We present a generation algorithm for concurrent automata. We show that our algorithm is correct in the sense of semi language equivalence: The generated automaton recognizes essentially the same set of semiwords as the associated Petri net.

Keywords: Concurrent automata; Petri nets; Partial order semantics; Semiwords; Semi languages; Least sequential semi languages; Minimal concurrent automata.

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