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General parameterised refinement and recursion for the M-net calculus.

Devillers, Raymond; Klaudel, Hanna; Riemann, Robert-C.

In: Theoretical Computer Science, Volume 300, Issues 1-3 , 7 May 2003, pages 259-300. Elsevier, May 2003.

Abstract: The algebra of M-nets, a high-level class of labelled Petri nets, was introduced in order to cope with the size problem of the low-level Petri box calculus, especially when applied as semantical domain for parallel programming languages. General, unrestricted and parameterised refinement and recursion operators, allowing to represent the (possibly recursive and concurrent) procedure call mechanism, are introduced into the M-net calculus.

Keywords: Petri net; Petri box; M-net; Refinement; Recursion.

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