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Parameterised General Refinement in the M-net Calculus.

Devillers, Raymond; Klaudel, Hanna; Riemann, Robert-Christoph

In: 97: Proceedings of the Workshop on Petri Nets in System Engineering (PNSE'97), Hamburg, September 25-26, 1997 / Farwer, B.; Moldt, D.; Stehr, M.-O.: Report FBI-HH-B-205, pages 55-66. Universität Hamburg, September 1997.

Abstract: A general refinement (meta-)operation has recently been introduced into the algebra of M-nets, a high level class of labelled Petri nets. The present paper extends this operation to parameterised general refinement, such that parameters determined by the environment of refined transitions can be used in the refined part of the resulting M-net. The intended application is the modelling of procedures of parallel programming languages.

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