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Hybrid Petri nets for the performance analysis of transportation systems.

Di Febbraro, A.; Sacone, S.

In: Proc. 37th IEEE Conf. on Decision and Control, 18-20 December 1998, Tampa, FL, Vol. 3, pages 3232-3237. 1998.

Abstract: A novel hybrid model for transportation systems is proposed in which the the functioning is represented via a continuous-time model whenever no changes in the traffic flow occur, whereas the changes in the system behavior are modeled through a discrete event system coupled with the continuous-time system, and which it acts as a regulator. The hybrid modeling methodology proposed is based on use of special class of Petri nets, the hybrid stochastic Petri nets (HSPNs). These nets are composed of some discrete parts and some continuos parts. The discrete part `regulates' the continuous net that models the functioning of the transportation system, making the continuous-time part to adapt to the variation occurred in the system behavior. As the result, the model reacts to any change in the current system behavior by adapting the traffic parameters to the new state.

Keywords: hybrid stochastic Petri nets, performance analysis, transportation systems.

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