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M*-Object: an object-oriented database design methodology for CIM information systems.

Di Leva, A.; Giolito, P.; Vernadat, F.

In: Control Eng. Practice, Vol. 1, No. 1, Pergamon Press Ltd., GB. 1993.

Abstract: M* is an information system design and analysis methodology developed for CIM environments. It is based on the PDN (Process and Data Net) model. In this paper, an object-oriented extension of M* for the design of information systems in CIM applications is presented. The architecture of the M* methodology and its organisation model are first presented. Then, the Process and Data Net model used for conceptual design of the CIM system database is discussed. This model is based on an object-oriented (OO) data model and a Predicate/Transition (PrT) Petri net model. It is used to describe the properties and behaviour of the objects of the CIM information system. A flexible manufacturing cell (FMC) example is given.

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