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Formal development of Java based Web parallel applications.

Di Marzo Serugendo, G.; Guelfi, N.

In: Proc. 31-st Annual Hawaii Int. Conf. on System Sciences; Vol. 7: Software Technology Track, 6-9 January 1998, Kohala Coast, HI, pages 604-613. 1998. URL:

Abstract: The Java object-oriented programming language has been the subject of an important involvement from programmers and the industry, especially for applications related to the Web. The problem of a rapid penetration of Java into commercial products is related to the lack of a systematic methodology for developing parallel applications. This paper presents a formal development methodology based on the stepwise refinement of CO-OPN/2 formal specifications, using a real Web parallel application. Starting from a centralized view, the following refinement steps are presented: data distribution, behavior distribution, communication layer, and Java program. During the whole refinement process, the evolution and the verification of one specific property is studied.

Keywords: CO-OPN/2, Java, Petri nets, Web, algebraic specifications, refinement methods, software engineering.

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