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A Petri net-based support for object-oriented specification of complex control systems.

Diagne, Alioune; Ilié, Jean-Michel; Moldt, Daniel

In: 97: Proceedings of the Workshop on Petri Nets in System Engineering (PNSE'97), Hamburg, September 25-26, 1997 / Farwer, B.; Moldt, D.; Stehr, M.-O.: Report FBI-HH-B-205, pages 163-174. Universität Hamburg, September 1997.

Abstract: Object-oriented methodologies offer a set of concepts and means which allow to model complex control systems. For such systems, the designers need a methodical support like UML to handle the complex models and to coordinate the different activities that are performed along the life-cycle. For each of these activities, it is also important to have formal support in order to enhance quality. The dependability of such systems enforces the need to formally validate and verify their models.

In this paper, we address a Petri net-based formal support for object-oriented specification of complex control systems. Three complementary approaches, each of them providing a formal support for a given set of activities within the life-cycle, are combined into an overall one which concentrates on control aspects.

Keywords: colored Petri nets; distributed object-oriented control; modeling; prototyping; validation; verification.

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