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On Decidability Problems of a Basic Class of Object Nets.

Dietze, R.; Kudlek, M.; Kummer, O.

In: Concurrency, Specification and Programming CS&P'2006, Vol. 1: Concurrency. Informatik-Bericht Nr. 206 der Humbold-Universität zu Berlin, Eds.: G. Lindemann, H. Schlingloff., pages 38-46. September 06.

Abstract: It is shown that the boundedness problem for a certain class of basic object nets and a corresponding class of multiset rewriting systems is decidable. To achieve this result Dickson's lemma for a certain class of multisets, and a modified Karp Miller algorithm, is applied. This presents another claim of nets with different decidability behaviour for reachability and boundedness.

Keywords: Object Petrinets; multiset rewriting; Dickson's lemma; Karp Miller agorithm.

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