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Verification Oriented Estelle Specifications of Communication Protocols.

Dimitrov, V.; Petkov, A.

In: Bullinger, H.J.; et al.: Information Technology for Organisational Systems: Concepts for Increased Competitiveness. Proceedings of the First European Conference, EURINFO'88, 1988, Athens, Greece, pages 536-540. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: North-Holland, 1988.

Abstract: An approach for automatic verification of communication protocols specified in an Estelle subset is presented. The transformations from Estelle specifications into Petri nets, the connection among the characteristics of Estelle language units, the communication protocol specifications and the possibilities of using the analytical apparatus of Petri nets for verification purposes are investigated. The basic principles of the implemented program system, for automatic transformation of the Estelle class of communication protocol specifications, allowing automatic verification of their properties are described.

Keywords: Estelle specification (of) communication protocol; automatic verification (of) communication protocol.

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