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Tolerant (parallel) programming with F-nets and software cabling.

DiNucci, D.C.

In: Proc. 2-nd Int. Workshop on Software Engineering for Parallel and Distributed Systems (PDSE'97), 17-18 May 1997, Boston, MA, pages 198-209. 1997.

Abstract: In order to be truly portable, a program must be tolerant of a wide range of development and execution environments, and a parallel program is just one which must be tolerant of a very wide range. First, the term `tolerant programming' is defined. Then a formal model similar to Petri nets, called F-nets, is described in which parallel algorithms are expressed as folded partial-orderings of operations, and this is argued to provide a suitable framework for building tolerant programs. Finally, Software Cabling (SC), a very high-level programming language, demonstrates how many of the features normally expected from today's computer languages (e.g., data abstractions and data parallelism) can be obtained within F-net paradigm.

Keywords: F-nets, Petri nets, Software Cabling, parallel programming, partial orderings, tolerant programming.

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