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Validation of GSPN and SWN Models through the PROD Tool.

Donatelli, Susanna; Ferro, Liliana

In: T. Field, P.G. Harrison, J. Bradley, U. Harder (Eds.): Computer Performance Evaluation, Modelling Techniques and Tools 12th International Conference, TOOLS 2002 London, UK, April 14-17, 2002, pages 1-131pp. Springer Verlag, LNCS 2324, April 2002.

Abstract: This paper presents an extension of the GreatSPN tool for Generalized stochastic Petri nets (GSPN) and Stochastic well-formed nets (SWN) solution that allows a check of state space properties: the extension is based on a translation of GSPN and SWN nets in GreatSPN format into high level Petri nets that are a valid input to the validation tool PROD and on a definition of a number of "analysis" macros that can be used by non-PROD experts to validate the model.

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