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Kronecker Algebra and (Stochastic) Petri Nets: Is It Worth the Effort?.

Donatelli, S.

In: J.-M. Colom, M. Koutny (Eds.), Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Proc. of 22nd International Conf. on Applications and Theory of Petri Nets 2001 (ICATPN 2001), pages 1-18. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2075, edited by G. Goos, J. Hartmanis and J. van Leuwen, Springer, June 2001.

Abstract: The paper discusses the impact that Kronecker algebra had and it is having on the solution of SPN, how this has influenced not only the solution of the stochastic process associated to an SPN, but also the algorithms and the data structures for reachability for untimed Petri nets. Special emphasis is put in trying to clarify the advantages and disavantages of Kronecker based approach, in terms of computational complexity, memory savings and applicability to the solution of real systems models.

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