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Negotiating propagation of changes in inter-organizational workflows.

Donatelli, S.; Sarini, M.; Simone, C.

In: Computer Systems Science and Engineering, Vol. 15, No. 5, pages 359-372. 2000.

Abstract: The theme of interorganizational workflows is considered from the point of view of change management. Specifically, we deal with the case in which changes have to modify the communication interface among distributed components. A modeling approach based on a hierarchy of components containing different aggregated representations of the whole system described in terms of labeled-P/T nets, and on consistency criteria guaranteeing the coherence of the different representations, is here advocated as a means to manage the negotiation of propagation of changes. Complexity mainly arises from distributedness which causes components to have partial autonomy and therefore a partial view of the whole inter-organizational workflow.

Keywords: component-based systems, inter-organizational workflows, labeled Petri nets.

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