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A Coloured Petri Net Model for Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems Serviced by Rail-Guided Vehicles: a Control Perspective.

Dotoli, Mariagrazia; Fanti, Maria Pia

In: International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Vol.18, No. 2-3, pages 122-136. March 2005.

Abstract: An Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) automatically stores incoming material and retrieves stored parts with no direct human handling. This paper proposes a modular and unified modelling framework for heterogeneous automated storage and retrieval systems, comprising rail guided vehicles and narrow aisle cranes. We employ coloured timed Petri nets, representing a concise and computationally efficient tool for modelling the system dynamic behaviour, particularly suitable for real time control implementation. Indeed, the model can be utilized in a discrete event simulation to apply control policies in order to solve scheduling problems, as well as to avoid deadlock and collision occurrences

Keywords: Automated storage and retrieval systems; coloured timed Petri nets; real time control.

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