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An urban traffic network model via coloured timed Petri nets.

Dotoli, Mariagrazia; Fanti, Maria Pia

In: Proceedings of WODES04 - the 7th IFAC Workshop on Discrete Event Systems. September 2004. Reims, France.

Abstract: This paper deals with modelling of traffic networks for real time control purposes. A modular framework based on coloured timed Petri nets is proposed to model the dynamics of signalized traffic network systems: places represent link cells and crossing sections, tokens are vehicles and token colours represent the routing of the corresponding vehicle. In addition, an ordinary timed Petri net models the signal timing plan controlling the area. The proposed modelling framework is applied to a real intersection located in Bari, Italy. A discrete event simulation of the controlled intersection validates the model and tests the signal timing plan obtained by an optimization strategy presented in the related literature.

Keywords: modelling; road traffic; Petri-nets; discrete event systems; traffic control.

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