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Specification and Verification of the Real-Time Synchronisation Software for a Modular Independently Driven High-Speed Machine.

Draper, C.M.; Holding, D.J.

In: Proceedings of the IEE Colloquium on `Control Systems Software Reliability for Industrial Applications', 1989, London, UK: Digest No. 111, pages 6/1-4. London, UK: IEE, 1989.

Abstract: The paper describes research into the design of real-time synchronisation software for a high-speed packaging machine which exploits the flexibility that is introduced by the use of software controlled independent drives. The research includes the specification of the control and synchronisation requirements of the machine using a concurrent language and the design and implementation of a transputer-based distributed control system capable of high-speed performance. This involves software design using the concurrent programming language Occam and software modelling and verification using nets.

Keywords: flexible manufacturing system; software specification; software verification; real-time synchronisation; transputer; Occam.

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