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Design and Control of Manufacturing Systems: an Integrated Approach Based on Modal Logic and Zonecharts.

Egilmez, K.; Kim, S.H.

In: Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, Vol. 6, No. 3, pages 209-228. 1989.

Abstract: The paper proposes an integrated approach to the design and control of dynamic systems. One component of the integrated approach is the notion of condition/event (C/E) nets. Another component is the concept of zonecharts, which is developed using C/E net concepts. The composite methodology allows for high-level system descriptions in the form of partial orderings among the elementary processes of the system. These partial orderings are encoded into C/E incidence matrices and manipulated by a partial process planning algorithm. The algorithm is shown to be efficient.

Keywords: manufacturing system design; manufacturing system control; modal logic; zonecharts; condition/event net; high-level system description; partial process planning algorithm.

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