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Partial (Set) 2-Structures. I. Basic Notions and the Representation Problem.

Ehrenfeucht, A.; Rozenberg, G.

In: Acta Informatica, Vol. 27, No. 4, pages 315-342. 1990.

Abstract: The notion of a labeled partial 2-structure is introduced and studied. It generalizes the notion of a (labeled) 2-structure studied by the authors and it provides a convenient mathematical framework for studying graphs. In particular, a subclass of labeled partial 2-structures, the so-called labeled partial set 2-structures corresponds very closely to those graphs that are state spaces of concurrent systems. The paper investigates the basic theory of labeled partial 2-structures and it considers the problem of representing partial 2-structures as partial set 2-structures.

Keywords: labeled partial (set) 2-structure; state space.

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