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Reverse Petri Net Technology Transfer: On the Boundary of Theory and Application.

Ehrig, H.; Gajewsky, M.; Lembke, S.; Padberg, J.

In: Proc. Formal Methods Pacific'97, pages 297-298. Springer-Verlag, 1997.

Abstract: The housing management system project WIS of the company LION is one of the most successfull practical applications of Petri Net Technology in the area of cooperating and distributed business process management. This system is based on the workflow management environment LEU and the FUNSOFT approach. FUNSOFT nets are very powerfull in practice, but they are not well understood from the theoretical point of view. In this paper we study the essential parts of FUNSOFT and present a comprehensive parametrized abstraction, called PARFUN. PARFUN is generic concerning the data and the organizational model. In addition to specific FUNSOFT features our approach comprizes general concepts of union, fusion and rule-based refinement in a clean algebraic framework including interesting compatibility results. In this sense PARFUN is a new high-level net approach motivated by FUNSOFT and the practical application WIS. It allows new practical applications. Hence, PARFUN is the result of reverse Petri net technology transfer on the boundary of theory and application.

Keywords: high-level net model, structuring techniques, application to workflow management, technology transfer.

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