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A uniform approach to Petri nets.

Ehrig, H.; Padberg, J.

In: Freksa, C.; Jantzen, M.; Valk, R.: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1337: Foundations of Computer Science: Potential - Theory - Cognition, pages 219-231. Springer-Verlag, August 1997.

Abstract: The new concept of parameterized net classes is introduced in order to allow a uniform presentation of different kinds of Petri net classes. By different actualizations of the net structure parameter and the data type parameter we obtain several well-known net classes, like elementary nets, place-transition nets, colored Petri nets, predicate/transition nets, and algebraic high-level nets, as well as several interesting new classes of low- and high-level nets. While the concept of parameterized net classes is defined on a purely set theoretical level, we also sketch an extended concept of universal parameterized net classes taking into account also morphisms and universal properties in the sense of category theory. The extended concept, presented in a separate paper, leads to a uniform theory of constructions and compatibility results concerning union and fusion of nets for different types of net classes.

Keywords: Petri nets, algebraic nets, high-level nets, predicate/transition nets.

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