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Software Process Modelling with FUNSOFT Nets.

Emmerich, W.; Gruhn, V.

Internes Memorandum Nr. 47, pages 1-26 pp.. Universität Dortmund, Germany, Fachbereich Informatik, 1990.

Abstract: In this paper the authors introduce FUNSOFT nets. FUNSOFT nets are high level Petri nets which are well-suited for software process modelling. The authors define the semantics of FUNSOFT nets in terms of Pr/T nets. An example for a software process model represented by a FUNSOFT net is given and it is pointed out which tools for editing and analysing FUNSOFT nets are available.

Keywords: software process modelling (with) FUNSOFT net(s); high level net; FUNSOFT net semantics; predicate/transition net; FUNSOFT net tool.

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