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Branching Processes of Petri Nets.

Engelfriet, Joost

Rapport No. 90--20. Leiden, The Netherlands: University, Dept. of Computer Science, July 1990.

Also in: Acta Informatica, Vol. 28, pages 575-591. 1991.

Abstract: The notion of a branching process is introduced, as a formalization of an initial part of a run of a Petri net, including nondeterministic choices. This generalizes the notion of a process in a natural way. It is shown that the set of branching processes of a Petri net is a complete lattice, with respect to the natural notion of partial order. The largest element of this lattice is the unfolding of the Petri net.

Keywords: branching process; nonndeterministic choice; net unfolding; lattice.

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