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Expanding the Use of Structuring - Formal Justification for Working on Subnets.

Ermel, Claudia; Gajewsky, Maike

In: 97: Proceedings of the Workshop on Petri Nets in System Engineering (PNSE'97), Hamburg, September 25-26, 1997 / Farwer, B.; Moldt, D.; Stehr, M.-O.: Report FBI-HH-B-205, pages 44-54. Universität Hamburg, September 1997.

Abstract: We here present a new method for algebraic highlevel nets with categorical structuring techniques. It allows deducing the structure of the composed net from the structure of its subnets with regard to the composition. This enables compositional working on subnets, as for instance verification, analysis or simulation. Thus, results being valid for subnets are still valid for the entire net without actually constructing it. The main theorem states under which assumptions the structure of a subnet is preserved in the composed net. We then give an example using this method for the verification of requirements with a case study of a medical information system.

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