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An Object Oriented Language for Emdedded System Design.

Esser, Robert

In: 8th International Workshop on Software Technology and Engineering Practice, London, July 1997, pages 1-8. 1997. Available at

Abstract: In this paper a modelling language is described for the automated design of embedded systems. Constraints such as price, performance, etc. often imply that embedded systems are implemented as communicating heterogeneous components. Today these components can no longer be classed as software or hardware but as more or less programmable with specialised languages being used to define their functionality and structure. The proposed modelling language consists of a class of high level time Petri nets, augmented with object-oriented mechanisms. It is formal, ensuring unambiguous specification, supports a high level of analysis and is general enough to support other more specialised formalisms. This language constitutes a major part of the CodeSign design methodology developed at the ETH for embedded system design.

Keywords: embedded systems; Petri nets; multiple formalisms; object technology.

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