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Applying an Object-Oriented Petri Net Language to Heterogeneous Systems Design.

Esser, Robert; Janneck, Jörn W.; Naedele, Martin

In: 97: Proceedings of the Workshop on Petri Nets in System Engineering (PNSE'97), Hamburg, September 25-26, 1997 / Farwer, B.; Moldt, D.; Stehr, M.-O.: Report FBI-HH-B-205, pages 1-10. Universität Hamburg, September 1997.

Abstract: In the first part of this paper a modeling language is presented for the design and evaluation of heterogeneous systems which are comprised of components with different characteristics, e.g. control-dominated parts and data or material flow dominated parts. The language consists of a class of high level time Petri nets, augmented with object-oriented mechanisms. It is formal, ensuring unambiguous specification, it supports a high level of analysis and it is general enough to support other more specialized formalisms. The second part presents some of our experiences in the application of this language to a real world modeling task in an industrial setting.

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