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APN-Based Object Oriented Approach to Bounded-Buffer Problem.

Etessami, E.S.; Hura, G.S.

In: Proceedings of the IEEE 1989 National Aerospace and Electronics Conference NAECON 1989, Dayton, OH, USA, pages 542-548. 1989.

Abstract: The authors examine the use of the abstract-Petri-net- (APN-) based object-oriented approach to solve the bounded-buffer problem, considered as representative of real-time control problems. It is demonstrated how it is possible to represent various requirements in terms of a set of predicates to obtain the model of the system. It is shown that the moulded system is compact, verifiable, and consistent. Further, the analysis technique ensures the finite termination of the reachability state tree. The executable code (parameterized procedure and functions) of each of the objects can directly be derived from the model.

Keywords: object-oriented approach; bounded-buffer (problem); real-time control; verifiable system.

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