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Modelling of cognitive activity during normal and abnormal situations using Object Petri Nets, application to a supervision system.

Ezzedine, H.; Kolski, C.

In: Cognition, Technology & Work, Vol. 7, No. 3, pages 167-181. 2005.

Abstract: This article presents a method for the modelling of cognitive activity using Object Petri Nets. The method includes the recognition of the various classes of situation (normal and abnormal) which human operators are likely to meet whilst performing their tasks. Each of these classes is described according to the characteristics of the state of the system. We will present the various mental representations used during the control/command activity according to the main aims set by the operator. The examples given come from a project dealing with the integration of a a supervision system in a railway traffic regulation room.

Keywords: Petri nets; Activity modelling; Design; Human-machine systems; Specification; Supervision; Human-machine interaction.

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