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A CP-net Approach to Control Logic Engineering.

Farrington, M.; Billington, J.

In: Preprined in IFIP Working Congress on Software Engineering and CASE Tools for Control Technology of Manufacturing Systems, Stuttgart, Germany, Mar. 28-19, 1996, pages 58-71. March 1996.

Also in: Software Engineering for Manufacturing Systems - Methods and CASE tools, pages 46-57. London: Chapman & Hall, 1996.

Abstract: Coloured Petri nets have been used to model and therefore specify the control logic in an automotive assembly line. This paper describes the modelling activity and shows how two models of the same system, one developed using top-down methods, the other developed using bottom-up methods, may be fused.

Keywords: Coloured Petri nets; Programmable Logic Controllers; PLCs; Discrete Event Manufacturing; Modelling.

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