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An approach to modelling FMS with dynamic object petri nets.

Farwer, Berndt; Moldt, Daniel; Garcia-Valles, Fernando

In: Proceedings of the second IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC'02), October 6-9, 2002, Hammamet, Tunisia, Volume 1. IEEE Computer Society Press, October 2002.

Abstract: Analysis has up to now only been possible for a subclass of static Petri net models for flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). In this paper we relax this restriction and introduce the use of (dynamic) object Petri nets for the system model of FMS. By using a conservative extension of the so-far used Petri net formalism we ensure that the crucial deadlock prevention and avoidance algorithms will still be applicable. While analysis with respect to deadlock-freeness is maintained, system engineers gain the possibility of building models that reflect dynamic changes of the formerly static system structure. Furthermore, a clear distinction is made between the models of machines, programs, parts, and the deadlock prevention control.

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