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Dynamic Modification of System Structures Using LLPNs.

Farwer, Berndt; Misra, Kundan

In: Perspectives of System Informatics, pages 274-293. Volume 2890 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science --- Springer-Verlag, December 2003.

Abstract: In this paper we aim to set up a framework for object Petri net semantics, allowing the modification of object net structures at run-time. The approach uses linear logic Petri nets (LLPNs) and performs the structure modification on a linear logic encoding of the object net. In addition, Valk's self-modifying Petri nets are shown to be subsumed by LLPNs. We expand on the existing theory of Farwer's LLPNs, which are Petri nets with linear logic formulae as tokens. This work in progress uses intuitionistic linear logic as the basis of a method for ensuring desirable properties - such as termination or non-termination - of P/T nets, coloured Petri nets and LLPNs.

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