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Exception Handling in Petri-Net-based Workflow Management.

Faustmann, Gert; Wikarski, Dietmar

In: Practical Aspects of Knowledge Management, Proc. of the First International Conference, Basel, Switzerland, October 30-31, 1996, pages 1-16. October 1996.

Abstract: Various classes of Petri nets have been established as conceptual models for the modeling and control of workflows. Usually, these nets are enacted by administrators and there is no way to change the plan once enacted by the start of a computer-based interpretation of the net. In particular, necessary repetitions of wrong previous actions, changes of the business rules requiring changes of the process structure and changes of the organizational structure cannot be realized without restart of the whole net. In the context of a general definition of exceptions and using an example (``Planning permission procedure'' in Berlin) it is shown how an appropriate combination of the concepts of general task embedding, commitment and causality trees and modular process nets has been used to implement a very flexible and adaptable workflow management concept.

Keywords: adaptability; exception handling; modular process nets; Petri nets; workflow management.

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