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Specification, design, and implementation of logic controllers based on colored Petri net models and the standard IEC 1131 part I: specification and design.

Feldmann, K.; Colombo, A.W.; Schnur, C.; Stockel, T.

In: IEEE Trans. on Control Systems Technology, Vol. 7, No. 6, pages 657-665. 1999.

Abstract: This work aims at designing and implementing logic control structures that allow a combination of the advantages of classical techniques for the development of programmable logic controller code and elimination of disadvantages such as the lack of formal validation, Part I of this paper introduces ordered color Petri nets in combination with some extensions as a modeling tool for logic controllers. The validation of both the model and the specifications of the logic control structures is then pursued through a structural analysis of the net. Part Il will introduce a method to automatically generate code for a programmable logic controller from a validated textual description of this kind of Petri nets. A special compiler that generates code according to the standard IEC 1131 is discussed. The modeling and implementation of a logic control system of a sector of a flexible assembly cell serves as an example, applying the methods introduced in Part I and Part II.

Keywords: PLC's, colored Petri nets, logic controllers, programmable logic controllers, standard IEC 1131.

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