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Extending Structured Analysis Modeling with AI: an Application to MRPIL Profiles and SFC Data Communications Requirements Specifications.

Feller, A.; Rucker, R.

In: Shunk, D.L.: Optimization of Manufacturing Systems Design. Proceedings of the IFIP WG 5.3 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation for Optimization of Manufacturing Systems Design and Application, 1989, Tempe, AZ, USA, pages 171-194. Amsterdam, Netherlands: North-Holland, 1990.

Abstract: The paper presents a candidate solution for shop floor control (SFC) data communication modeling tasks. The authors' candidate methodology is based on an extension of the well known IDEF0 language. The extensions that they have incorporated are drawn from the areas of artificial intelligence and real time modeling, recent reformulations of knowledge representation and Petri net theory. The Petri net ideas are incorporated into the IDEF0 structure by way of modifying the syntax of the IDEF0 method to capture the Petri net distinctions, and provide the basis for a timed Petri net simulation analysis.

Keywords: structured analysis modelling (with) artificial intelligence; MRPIL; shop floor control; IDEF0 language; timed net simulation analysis.

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