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Real-time Supervisory Control and Scheduling for Complex Industrial Process Based on Integrated Modeling.

Feng, Xingmei; Li, Yanping; Chen, Liang

In: cimca, pages 1-45. 2006.

Abstract: A complex industrial process is described by means of a new model of process/transition Petri nets with mixed-mark, namely time-varied process/transition Petri nets in this paper. In this model, the running marks and remnant time of sub-process are introduced. Based on logic and timed mark variables, it solved effectively many problems of complex industrial process, such as the integrated modeling of subprocess, the coupling between discrete variables and continuous states and joining between process controls and production control. And real-time supervisory control and scheduling of complex industrial process with multi-working places are studied deeply based on this model. Finally, the approaches to solve optimal strategies of real-time supervisory control, the realtime scheduling and process control are proposed.

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