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The Use of Fuzzy Coloured Petri Nets for Modelling and Simulation in Manufacturing.

Fengler, Wolfgang; Wendt, Almuth; Bogoljubow, Jurij; Däne, Bernd

In: Workshop for Manufacturing and Petri Nets, Osaka, Japan, June 24-28, 1996. 1996.

Abstract: The paper presents some results from a case study about the use of coloured Petri nets for modeling some aspects of production processes. Particularly it discusses a model of a complex transportation facility (``twin speed conveyor''). This example is explained, and some general results are derived. Methodological aspects such as integrating process, process control and process environment into one homogenous model are discussed. Results from analysis and simulation of the model are shown. The implementation of the model's process control partition into target software is discussed too.

Keywords: Petri net, process control, discrete model, simulation of manufacturing..

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