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Petri Nets and VHDL on the Specification of Parallel Controllers.

Fernandes, Joao Miguel

Dep. Informática, Universidade do Minho, masterthesis, 1994. In Portuguese.

Abstract: Current electronic CAD tools start to accept PNs as a data input, but they do not fully exploit yet the benefits from both the PN paradigm for analysis and the compilation to VHDL for later simulation and synthesis. A new software environment was developed to overcome these limitations, which was designed to feed any CAD package that accepts certain VHDL subsets. This environment accepts a PN text-based specification, and then it validates its basic properties and converts - compiles - the specification into a VHDL subset notation. Some examples were run to test the environment, and later simulated and synthesized with ALLIANCE, a VHDL public domain package.

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