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A Petri Net Approach for Performance Oriented Parallel Program Design.

Ferscha, A.

In: Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing 15, pages 188-206. 1992.

Abstract: A performance orientation in the development of parallel software is motivated by outlining the misconception of current approaches where performance activities come in at the very end of the development cycle, mainly in terms of measurement or monitoring after the implementation phase. At that time the major part of the development work is already done, and performance pitfalls are very hard to repair - if this is possible at all. A development process for parallel programs that launches performance engineering in the early design phase is proposed, based on a Petri net specification methodology for the performance critical parts of a parallel system. The Petri net formalism is used to define Program Resource Mapping-net (PRM-net) models that serve as an integrated performance model of parallel processing systems.

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