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Modelling Mappings of Parallel Programs onto Parallel Architectures with the PRM-Net Model.

Ferscha, A.

In: Cosnard, M.; et al.: Decentralized Systems. Proceedings of the IFIP WG 10.3 Working Conference, 1989, Lyon, France, pages 349-362. Amsterdam, Netherlands: North-Holland, 1990.

Abstract: For parallel systems a Petri net based hierarchically decomposable integrated model, the PRM-net (Program Resource Mapping-net) model is developed. PRM-nets provide a modular concept for modelling parallel programs with a Petri net like graphical formalism called P-nets. Synthesis rules are given to model complex structures of processes by hierarchically folding process graphs. Modelling the pool of resources is also done by a Petri net like formalism: R-nets. Finally the assignment of the P-net (parallel program) to the R-net (resources) is modelled by arcs with origin in one net and sink in the other net. The modeling power of PRM-nets is illustrated in an example modelling the mapping of a neural network onto a distributed memory multiprocessor system.

Keywords: parallel program(s);parallel architecture; program resource mapping net; modular concept; P-net; R-net; (hierarchically) folding (of) process graphs; neural network; distributed memory multiprocessor system.

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