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Verification of Production Systems (Expert Systems).

Fidelak, M.; Victor, F.

In: Janicki, R.; et al.: Computing and Information. Proceedings of the International Conference ICCI'89, 1989, Toronto, Ont., Canada, pages 371-378. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: North-Holland, 1989.

Abstract: The authors introduce a method for verifying integrity properties of production rule sets in expert systems by applying Petri nets. The main advantages of the approach are that the knowledge base can be visualized, that mathematical techniques are available to verify system properties and that a simulation of the Petri net might give insight into the possible inferences of the production system. Every production system is automatically transformable into a Petri net with equivalent behaviour. These ideas are worked out by means of an example concerning process control where liveness and safeness of the specified system are to be proved.

Keywords: verification (of) production system; expert system; integrity property; automatic transformation (into net); liveness; safeness.

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