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High-Level Nets for Dynamic Dining Philosophers Systems.

Findlow, Greg; Billington, Jonathan

In: Kwiatkowska, M. Z.; et al.: Semantics for Concurrency. Proceedings of the International BCS-FACS Workshop, 1990, Leicester, UK, pages 185-203. London, UK: Springer (Series: Workshops in Computing), 1990.

Abstract: Four dynamic extensions of the dining philosophers system are described, in which philosophers may not now join and leave the dining party. Many-sorted Predicate Transition nets (MPrT-nets) are given for the third and fourth models. For the net of the fourth model, boundedness, absence of deadlocks, and fairness are proved.

Keywords: high-level net(s) (for dynamic) dining philosophers systems; many-sorted predicate/transition net; boundedness; deadlock absence; fairness.

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