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Designing and Verifying a Communications Gateway Using Coloured Petri Nets and Design/CPN.

Floreani, D.; Billington, J.; Dadej, A.

In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1091; Proc. 17th International Conference in Application and Theory of Petri Nets (ICATPN'96), Osaka, Japan, pages 153-171. Springer-Verlag, June 1996.

Abstract: A gateway between a packet radio network and B-ISDN is being designed as part of a larger project that aims to bring modern telecommunications services to the Australian Defence Force. The modeling procedure employs Coloured Petri Nets to investigate the gateway architecture and behavior prior to implementation. Part of the modeling involves the specification of the gateway call control using Coloured Petri Nets and the Design/CPN tool. The specification is then checked for correctness by simulation and observation of the Occurrence Graph generated by the Design/CPN tool. The form of the refined specification is discussed and future verification tests using the PROTEAN tool outlined.

Keywords: Coloured Petri Nets; Gateway Architecture; Protocol Modelling.

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