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Stochastic Petri Nets: Properties, Applications and Tools.

Florin, G.; Fraize, C.; Natkin, S.

In: Microelectronics and Reliability, Vol. 31, No. 4, pages 669-697. 1991.

Abstract: The paper presents a survey on stochastic Petri nets. Random time variables attached to transitions are associated with random operation durations. The stochastic behavior must be completely defined by a set of rules associated with the choice of the next transition to be fired in a given marking. The authors introduce some of the main stochastic Petri nets classes, and give theoretical results associated with conservation properties, ergodic properties, and computational methods, leading to exact and approximated solutions. From a practical point of view the authors present the modeling example of a bus allocation and existing software tools.

Keywords: stochastic net properties, stochastic net applications, stochastic net tool(s); conservation properties; ergodic properties; bus allocation; software tool.

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