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A Modular Approach to a Petri Net Simulation Transformer for the GRASPIN Environment.

Fonio, Harald-Reto

ESPRIT Project 125-GRASPIN; Technical Paper. St. Augustin: Gesellschaft für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung mbH, September 1989.

Abstract: This paper describes a modular approach to a Petri net simulation for the GRASPIN environment. The approach is based on interpretations by rewrite modules, so-called Petri modules. These form an abstract programming language allowing for the adequate programming of concurrent problems. A new view on high level Petri nets enables the transformation of these nets to rewrite modules. Rewrite systems representing the total Petri nets are constructed by suitable colimits for Petri modules.

Keywords: modular approach; simulation; GRASPIN; rewrite module; Petri module; high-level net.

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