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A novel framework for the process control of the restoration of electrical industrial systems.

Fountas, N.A.; Hatziargyriou, N.D.; Valavanis, K.P.

In: Electric Power Systems Research, Vol. 50, No. 3, pages 163-167. 1999.

Abstract: A technical process is the controlled flow of matter, energy or information. This work concentrates on event-related control rather than the widely investigated continuous control. Special attention has been given to the complex multi-variable problem of large-scale power systems restoration following a widespread outage. Processes taken place and related process control can be effectively described by states and transitions, which form the basis of a novel methodology using the Petri Net (PN) framework. Since PNs are a rigid mathematical tool, they can be used as a very general approach to event-related process control in simulating, checking and providing a quantitative as well as qualitative understanding of the underlying processes.

Keywords: electrical industrial systems, extended Petri nets, simulation.

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