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SWN Client-Server Composition Operators in the OsMoSys framework.

Franceschinis, Giuliana; Vittorini, Valeria; Marrone, Stefano; Mazzocca, Nicola

In: 10th International Workshop on Petri Nets and Performance Models (PNPM 2003), Urbana, Illinois, USA, pages 52-61. IEEE Press, September 2003.

Abstract: In this paper we present a modular approach to the construction of complex Stochastic Well-Formed Nets, based on the definition of (reusable) submodels and their composition according to a client-server paradigm. First the client and server SWN modules are defined, then the message, broadcast, route, multicast, choice and synchronization operators are introduced, finally it is explained how they can be used to obtain composed models. The proposed method can be seen as a particular application of the more general OsMoSys approach, hence a brief introduction to OsMoSys precedes the core of the paper. We also discuss the implementation of our approach and the usage of the XML technology to ease the interchange of model description files among different analysis and simulation tools.

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