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Complexity metrics for Petri net based logic control algorithms.

Frey, G.; Litz, L.; Klöckner, F.

In: Proceedings of the IEEE SMC 2000, Nashville, TN, pages 1204-1209. October 2000.

Abstract: In the area of automatic control more and more tasks formerly solved by special hardware are performed by software. Hence to talk about quality in automation, there is a need to measure the quality of a software product. Software Quality is a field of mayor interest for researchers and practitioners today. However in the area of Control Engineering it is rarely studied. In previous publications the authors introduced the concept of transparency and defined corresponding metrics to measure the quality of logic controllers. In addition to these metrics, in this contribution known complexity metrics from Computer Science are adapted to the area of logic control design and it is shown how the concepts of complexity and transparency are related. The metrics are introduced using the Signal Interpreted Petri Net, but they are also valid for other Petri net types.

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