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Integration von Petrinetzen in den Steuerungsentwurf nach IEC61131.

Frey, G.; Minas, M.; John, K.-H.

In: IPC/Drives 2001, Nürnberg (Germany): Proceedings of the SPS, pages 197-205. November 2001. The paper is written in German.

Abstract: We present signal interpreted Petri nets (SIPN) as a language for the transparent description of sequential and concurrent control algorithms. We show how this new method can be seamlessly integrated into an IEC 61131 control design environment. A graphical editor for the development of SIPN-controllers is presented. As a Java Applet the editor runs on virtually any platform. It returns IL-Code according to IEC 61131-3, which can be copied into most PLC programming tools. Using infoteams controller design environment OpenPCS, a direct coupling to the editor has been prototyped. This connection allows the online visualization of the programs state by the SIPN editor.

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