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Supply chain workflow modelling using XML-formatted modular petri nets.

Fung, R. Y. K.; Au, Y. M.; Jiang, Z. B.; Lau, Henry C. W.

In: The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (Online First), pages 1-32. Springer-Verlag London Ltd, July 2003.

Abstract: This paper presents a modelling methodology of a workflow system of operations in a supply chain (SC) aimed to improve, from the traditional method, the consistency and integrity of the workflow data being exchanged amongst business partners. In this research, an XML-supported modular petri net-based modelling technique is adopted for the representation of the local and global workflow of "practitioners" in a SC. After constructing a petri net, the model of workflow systems can be constructed, understood and analysed more easily. A modular compositional modelling method is adopted to fulfill the particular functional requirements of a collaborative modelling of dispersed business partners in an up-to-date globalised SC environment. Finally, the use of a widely adopted XML schema for data representation and standard interface and interconnection mechanisms development in a workflow model can further improve the model's overall flexibility and integrity.

Keywords: Modular coloured petri net; Supply chain management; Workflow management system; XML.

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