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Applying caT's programmable browsing semantics to specify world-wide web documents that reflect place, time, reader, and community.

Furuta, Richard; Na, Jin-Cheon

In: Proceedings of the 2002 ACM symposium on Document engineering, McLean, Virginia, USA. November 2002.

Abstract: In this paper we discuss application of caT, which extends the Trellis Petri-net-based model of document/hypertext, towards specification of Web-browsable documents that respond to their reader's characteristics, browsing activities, use environment, and interactions with other readers. The Petri net basis provides both a graphical representation of the nodes and links in the hypertext and also an automaton-based specification of the browsing behaviors encountered by readers examining the hypertext. Providing Web-browsable responsive hypertexts in the caT context requires consideration of the structures that might be designed in support of the application and also of the mechanism for translating from caT's custom interfaces' multi-window presentation to a composite that can be viewed using a standard Web browser.

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